Graphic Design

My graphic design work comes from many different jobs, projects, freelance work, personal projects, teams, etc., but no matter what the intention is, I always enjoy the challenge of combining different design elements to communicate an idea. A my career in graphic design has progressed the more I’ve come to realize that good design is more than making something look pretty or interesting, but it comes down to communicating an idea in the best way your medium allows. It’s why I try and learn as many different design software programs as I can. Once you know a lot of different ways to work with raster images, vector images, 3D graphics, even animation, you’re free to combine those elements into designs that are only inhibited by your own creativity.

When I teach graphic design classes or lead a project I always try and get across to my students or direct reports that a design is just like a puzzle you have to solve. In the beginning you’re given parameters to your puzzle (be it, the medium your using, the message to get across, the color pallet, whatever) and the trick is to work within those parameters to deliver something that communicates your message in an interesting way. And the best part is that puzzle is almost always different! It’s why graphic design work has become some of my favorite artwork to create, and why I always feel inspired and challenged when I work on a project that requires it.


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