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Normally when I start a project I have a very specific final outcome in mind. Whether it’s a new video I’m editing or a design or illustration, I think about how I want the finished piece to look and then go about the steps to get there. Now, my idea for a project might change during that process due to the realities of time restraints, project scope, or just overall feasibility, but it almost always starts from a place of visualizing a final piece. That’s why the new project I’ve started is so interesting to me. I have no idea what I’m going to end up with.

Let’s back up a sec. Over the next couple of months the basement in my house is going to get an upgrade from unfinished, to finished. Contractors have been hired, prices have been negotiated, and construction has started as of last Tuesday. It’s been cool coming home after work each day and heading down to the basement to see the progress that’s been made, and before work had even started, I knew I wanted to try and capture that in some kind of photography project.

Since my wife is a professional photographer, getting the equipment together for a project like this was the easy part. Camera body with fish eye lens? Check. Tripod with fluid head mount? Check. SD card with enough storage for lots of RAW photos? Check. At the most basic level I thought Id go down to the basement, pick out a spot in the middle of the room and shoot 10 or so photos in a 360 degree circle. Then stitch those photos together giving me a new panoramic for each new day of construction. So that’s what I did. Am doing.  And the panoramics are turning out cool, but what now?

Just having a bunch of panoramics, in and of itself, is not a cool project. I’ll need to put them together somehow to create something truly interesting, but figuring out what this is, has now become the focus of my attention. I know that I would like the end result to be a video,  since I have a built in audience on YouTube that I’d like to tap into, but it seems boring to just drag the panoramics past the screen and fade from one to the other. It needs to be more dynamic than that. Maybe blending the images together and animating the masks so new construction pops in while the clip plays? Maybe. It’s fun to play with these ideas as I’m gathering the assets for the project over the next few months, and I plan on updating the blog with my new ideas and video tests as I come up with them. Below I’ve posted one of the panoramics for everyone to check out so they can see how that first step is looking. And if anyone has any suggestions on what could make the final project super cool, I’d love to hear them in the comments.


Blog Panorama2

Blog Panorama2

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