Of the work that I’ve done in my career, some of the most satisfying is when I’m teaching. Having worked as both an instructional designer and as an adjunct instructor I found that both sides of the University experience to have interesting challenges and opportunities. CSU-Pueblo had me working behind the scenes setting up hybrid courses and working with instructors, but also out front doing seminars, creating video tutorials, and working one-on-one with faculty, staff and students. Devry on the other hand allowed me to experience a more traditional instructor role with a classroom of students and regular class meetings, which really helps me balance classroom theory and the practical applications of it. Below I’ve put a playlist together of some tutorial videos I’ve done, but I’d also like to list the courses I’ve taught and some of the trainings and seminars I’ve put together (since many of them are lumped in generically on my resume).



Visual Design Fundamentals – Basics of design theory, layout, and web design foundations. Also an introduction to Adobe Illustrator, with an emphasis on critiques and terminology.

Advanced Design and Rapid Visualization – Advanced Adobe Illustrator techniques along with higher level design work on typography, advanced asset creation, problem solving, the digital process, etc.

Digital Imaging Fundamentals – Adobe Photoshop, Bridge and Camera RAW. Digital imaging techniques from basic image correction to more advanced work in color, composition, masking, blending modes, styles and filters. More advances critiques and deeper online discussions as well.

Web Animation – Adobe Flash based class with a focus on both animation and website design. Students are taught the basics of animation principals like key framing, timing, storyboarding, and using Flash instances and symbols. The web design portion of the class focuses on interface design, animated graphics, web layouts, usability, etc.

Colorado State University Pueblo

Seminars/Trainings: Introduction to Technology on Campus – Pixlr – Youtube in the Classroom – Prezi – Blackboard Basics – Blackboard Test/Quizzes – Blackboard’s New Features.


Adobe Captivate Project

Adobe Captivate Project


Click on thumbnail to the left to see an example of a computer based training I created with Adobe Captivate. (It may take a minute to load).

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